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Tooth Colored Fillings

Commonly made of glass particles, synthetic resin and a strong setting agent, tooth coloured fillings are designed to replace part of the tooth that has been lost either due to illness, decay or due to trauma. A skilled dentist will carefully shape the fillings and will always make sure that the colour matches that of your natural tooth, so the filling will be practically undetectable.

Why Does Your Dentist Recommend Tooth Coloured Fillings?

The most obvious benefit of tooth coloured dental fillings is the fact that they can be easily customised, so that they will retain the shape of the natural tooth. Moreover, your dentist can easily custom-shade the filling, so that it will match the surrounding teeth, without drawing the attention to the treated area.

These fillings are specifically designed to improve the smile of the patient without adding any unaesthetic metal, and they can also be used for replacing old metal fillings while improving the overall strength of the natural teeth.

In addition to this, the tooth coloured fillings (especially those made of porcelain) are safer for your teeth and more durable in the long run, as they do not add any unnecessary pressure to them, unlike it happens with some silver amalgam fillers.

Another notable benefit of opting for this type of fillings is that they retain their shade and their properties over the years, unlike the silver amalgam metal fillings which are prone to discoloration. Fortunately, this is not the case with tooth coloured fillings, as they can last for more than a decade.

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