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Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants, also known as dental sealants, are widely used in dentistry as a form of preventive treatment. Simply put, fissure sealants involve placing a piece of plastic material in the fissure and pits that occur in the teeth, usually in the permanent molar teeth, which are the most likely to develop cavities in the long run.

What Are The Benefits Of Sealants In Dentistry?

Dental sealants have a number of notable benefits and advantages that make them particularly popular these days. The most important benefit is the fact that the fissure sealant acts as an efficient barrier against tooth-decaying bacteria, sealing and protecting the affected tooth. Given the fact that the sealant is made of a plastic resin which tents to bond deep into the grooves ad depressions of the chewing surfaces of both molars and premolars, the dentist can easily shape the sealant to give the tooth a very natural look.

In addition to protecting the patient's teeth against further decay, the sealant also acts as a barrier against enamel damage, which is very difficult to prevent. This aspect is particularly important for patients who are predisposed to plaque, and those who drink highly acidic drinks that will affect the enamel, sooner or later.

Moreover, the sealant also comes in handy for patients with gaps between their teeth, as it allows the dentist to easily fill up the gaps, thus preventing plaque and food from accumulating between them. The entire procedure takes a few minutes per tooth, which makes it both hassle-free and time-effective. 

Who Applies Fissure Sealants and What Does The procedure Involve?

Applying fissure sealant to one or more teeth only involves one office visit, and the application must be performed exclusively by a trained dental professional. Having said that, it often happens that either the dental hygienist or the dentist himself cleans the teeth, examines them and then applies the dental sealant on the biting surface of the tooth.

After the sealant is applied, the dental professional will use a special light designed to harden the sealant into the surface of the teeth. The procedure does not cause any pain or discomfort for the patient, and it is highly efficient for preventing or for arresting the further development of dental caries.

Fissure sealants have a series of different applications, they are highly protective, they can be applied within minutes and, most important, they look natural!

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