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Child Smile at Moss Park

Dedicated to offer high-quality dental treatment to everyone in Scotland, NHS dentistry promises professional oral health solutions for people of all ages across the country. ChildSmile Programme is a thoughtful initiative by NHS dentistry aimed at responsive parents who desire to ensure healthy teeth and gums for children throughout their life. 

ChildSmile Care: The best your child can get!

NHS dentistry ChildSmile is a publicly funded healthcare programme designed to provide good oral health for your children, even before their first teeth appears. During your first visit to ChildSmile, your health adviser will introduce the programme, offer oral health advice and handle a free dental package for your children. They will also refer you to a dentist in your neighbourhood and provide a dental health support worker, making oral care as effortless as possible. The Dental Health Support Worker will come to your home to guide and assist you in looking after the oral health of your children. If required, he or she might even accompany you to the dentist.

As your baby grows, ChildSmile will offer the best nutrition tips and dental practises for healthy maintenance of your children's teeth and gums. Thus, you will get an all-round support to improve your children's oral health, right from their birth to up to 12 years. Remember, these tender years are very crucial for the well-being of both your kids' oral as well as general health.

Why should you register your child in NHS dental ChildSmile Programme?

From finding out when to start tooth brushing your baby’s teeth, discovering the finest teeth-friendly foods and snacks to establishing good oral health habits in your kids, it would be hard for any parent to individually take care of your children's oral health.

With ChildSmile, you can easily maintain and improve your kids' teeth and gums, regardless of your income or background. By registering in this free programme, your children can receive professional support, advice, treatments, regular check-ups and twice-yearly fluoride varnish applications, so that they are free from oral issues even after they grow old.

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